The Artwork Of Valoy Eaton

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A canvas giclée is an artist involved and reviewed, individually produced, very high-resolution, and high tech reproduction. Our giclée’s are produced from digital scans of existing artwork that is printed on high quality canvas. Details are crisper and the process employs a nine color mixing process rather than most printers traditional four colors. The ink is directly sprayed onto the canvas and actually mixes the colors to create a larger “gamut” of truer shades and better hues. As a final touch, we seal the canvas with varnish and each giclée is hand signed from the artist Valoy Eaton.

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Limited Edition

Limited Editions are high-resolution artist reviewed prints produced in a limited set ranging between 250 and 1000 total. The number is set before printing and numbered on the print; guaranteeing a limited number in existence creating uniqueness, collectebility, and exclusivity in the piece of art. Our Limited Edition prints include the print number and artists original signature. All Limited Edition prints are generated on very high quality fine art papers. For example 135/250 means that it is the 135th print out of 250 available.

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